"Starting this line of Virginia Vermouth’s has allowed us as winemakers the opportunity to work with flavors beyond the grape variety itself. These wines are a grassroots product in every sense of the word as we infuse our base wines with local and seasonal fruits and botanicals and fortify them with locally stilled grape brandy. These Vermouths will challenge your palette as you fall deeper into the rabbit hole of flavors and textures each of which contribute their own little piece of the Virginia landscape to the wine."



Vermouth is a fortified wine that is aromatized with a variety of spices, herbs and fruits. Derived from the German Word, Wemur, Vermouth is made by adding a neutral spirit with any wine, then the wine is mixed with botanicals. Vermouth comes in many different styles and can be enjoyed on its own or mixed into classic cocktails such as martinis and manhattans.

Enjoy our vermouth's neat or as a reverse cocktail, where the vermouth is the star of the show. Add a splash of your favorite gin or vodka to create your own signature foxtail!


Spring V&T

1 oz Flying Fox Spring Vermouth

2 oz Fevertree Tonic

A Splash of Gin

Garnish: Fresh Strawberry


Summer Fox

2 oz Summer Vermouth

1 oz Virginia Distillery Whisky

Dash of Peach Bitters

Garnish: Slice of fresh peach


Fall Fox

2 oz Flying Fox Fall Vermouth

1 oz Bourbon

2 Drops orange bitters

1 tsp Dark brown sugar

Served over ice in a low ball glass


winter Wonderland

2 oz Flying Fox Winter Vermouth

1 oz Gin

2 Drops Bitters

1 egg white

Shake with ice and serve in coupe