"Starting this line of Virginia Vermouth’s has allowed us as winemakers the opportunity to work with flavors beyond the grape variety itself. These wines are a grassroots product in every sense of the word as we infuse our base wines with local and seasonal fruits and botanicals and fortify them with locally stilled grape brandy. These Vermouths will challenge your palette as you fall deeper into the rabbit hole of flavors and textures each of which contribute their own little piece of the Virginia landscape to the wine."


Flying Fox Vineyards is proud to announce its production of Virginia’s first locally made Vermouth to be released in four editions over the next year.

Each edition will reflect the season just passed using locally sourced grapes and botanicals to show off all that Virginia has to offer.

No. 18.01

Spring-Sweet Vermouth

Virginia Strawberries

Fresh local rhubarb adds soft acidity to this vermouth that balances perfectly with the strawberry's sweetness. Dried wormwood adds an earthy and floral quality that will intrigue  your palate.


No. 18.03

Fall - Sweet Vermouth

Autumn in a glass, this fall vermouth is full of dried orange peel and cardamom on the nose. The pallet has a playful spice with the addition of ginger and turmeric. Delicate persimmon undertones add the perfect fruity balance to this fresh autumnal aromatic wine

No. 18.02

Summer-Sweet Vermouth

Virginia Peaches 

Flavors of white peach float out of the glass, followed by light floral notes of wild heather and elderflower. Angelica root adds great depth to the palate, pulling all of the vermouth's flavors together in an ever-changing way. 


No. 18.04

Winter - Sweet Vermouth

This winter warmer has subtle notes of raisins and dates on the nose. Apple, pear, and cinnamon add a complex spice while a hearty addition of pomegranate drives a bittersweet kick. Drink over ice or in the spirit of winter try warm with a splash of whiskey